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Daily Doses: White Flight “Children Of The Light” From White Ark (2010)

This will be the second time White Flight appears on this blog, and some of his incredibly weird back story appears in this post.

"Children Of The Light" marks the second of the singles Range Life Records is slowly releasing to promote White Flights long shelved album “White Ark”. Showcasing a little less of the beat mastery of track collaborators Ratatat than is displayed in the previous single “Panther, “Children Of The Light” retains the joyous yelps, and yells that seem to just leap from lead singer Justin Roelofs’ mouth creating a melody and lyrical structure that comes off as entirely unplanned.

Interestingly enough, as I apparently can’t do a post about White Flight without discovering something new and completely odd. I recently realized that Roelofs started out his musical career as Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter for the mid-wests “The Anniversary”, who played with such bands as Braid, and The Get Up Kids during the 90’s emo before it was emo uprising.

You really do learn something new every day!

Download White Flight’s “Children Of The Light”

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  • Track: Children of the Light
  • Artist: White Flight
  • Album: White Ark
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