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Daily Doses: Emily Reo “On The Beach” (Neil Young Cover) Single (2010)

I’m drowning in Reo.

Having received a lovely e-mail from the enchanting Ms. Reo yesterday, informing me that FMLY was giving free digital downloads of her 2009 debut Minha Gatinha (as well as her 2010 follow up Witch Mtn), I took immediate advantage of that situation, and have listened to little else since.

While both albums rely heavily on Reo’s voice, the difference between the albums is night and day. Each fitting two completely different moods like a glove.

Minha Gatinha, finds a slightly more vulnerable Reo. Coated in warmth, the tracks steam out between the floor board cracks. Filling the house with doubled and tripled vocal layers that swirl about like a sauna. Though haunted by Reo’s ghostly echoes, It’s both captivating and inviting. A siren calling from the rocks.

Witch Mtn, on the other hand, is a freezing breeze that catches you unaware. Reo’s voice drops any pretense at invitation and instead crawls across your spine and through your body, traveling along it’s pathways until it drags through your lungs and exits in a crystalline fog.  Taking just a little bit of you with it. That’s not to say there’s no warmth at all in the tracks, it’s just the warmth you feel right before freezing to death.

Both having been out for a while, chopping them up for parts seems a too disrespectful. But I strongly urge you to grab them both here

The cover above is Reo’s most recent single. Managing to capture something from both of her earlier releases. It’s warm and distant at the same time, a unique looks at one of Young’s classics, as well as a great example of the sound of things to come in the very near future.

Download Emily Reo’s “On The Beach” (Neil Young Cover)

Download Emily Reo’s Minha Gatinha and Witch Mtn (Now with extra tracks!) from FMLY

  • Track: On The Beach
  • Artist: Emily Reo
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