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Daily Doses: Keep Shelly In Athens “A Tear In My I” (2010)

Since they first hit the scene about a month ago, Greece’s Keep Shelly In Athens has been making all the requisite steps towards respectability. They saved up, and got themselves a nice twitter account, opened up shop on a fine looking myspace page, all while raising a young photo blog.

Yep, if you didn’t know better, you would think them the picture of respectability.

But then you listen to their splayed out synth spreads and realize that there’s something else beneath those layers of store fronts fresh young sounds. As their songs play on, you start to hear the bleeding heart of rain riddled nights, drifting sunsets and the comfortable anonymity of hotel bars.

Places where the masks come off, the eyes open, and everything is covered with a palpable layer of sax.

Download Keep Shelly In Athens “A Tear In My I” At Gorilla Vs. Bear


  • Track: A Tear In My I
  • Artist: Keep Shelly in Athens
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