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Daily Doses: Estasy “Wild Wants” From Locus Solus (2012) 

When it rains it pours.

Having been searching to the far corners of the internet for anything that could hold my attention long enough to post about for the past few weeks, I exhaustedly rose from bed this morning ready for another long search of soundcloud’s nether regions, only to find a veritable cornucopia of fantastic treats laid out across my e-mails digital doorstep.

I guess Halloween is the turning point into the fight for year end supremacy.

The first thing I noticed was this fantastic screamer from Italy’s “Estasy” I got in from Acephale, which has long been one of my favorite labels (right up there with True Panther and Tri-Angle).

Apparently recorded “With minimal effects, and for the most part live.” Locus Solus' first track, “Wild Wants” is a haunting and driven reminder that we're moving away from Summer.

And if these are the types of tracks that are going to start rolling in now that we’ve done away with the heat… I say let Winter take over the world.

Download Estasy’s “Wild Wants” from Locus Solus

  • Track: Wild Wants
  • Artist: Estasy
  • Album: Estasy
  • Plays: 501