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New Music: Purity Ring “Obedear” From Shrines (2012)

I love everything about the way Purity Ring has approached their first release.

The slow and staggered tracks releases stumbling about the internet.

           The build up of their live show into a two person explosion.


       of course

the actual songs… Brilliant sparse works of electro-pop sparked up against lyrics so dense they consume you.

Can’t wait for this release.

Download Purity Ring’s Obedear

(Via P4k)

  • Track: Obedear
  • Artist: Purity Ring
  • Plays: 675

Doses: Seabright “For Icy” - Digital Single (2012)
Self Released 

Everything is

           rushing by w

too quickly these days.

But this little slice of slowed down drawl, feels like it’s going just fast enough. 

Download Seabright’s “For Icy”

  • Track: For Icy
  • Artist: Seabright
  • Plays: 613

Daily Doses: Day Joy “Go To Sleep, Mess” From New Ordinary Digital 7” (2012)
Label: Self-Released
Locale: Orlando, FL 

In this first release from Orlando’s Day Joy, little slashes of indie folk run rampant dart and push against world-weary vocals.

Like a forlorn look from through your office window, to the park across the street. 

Download Day Joy “Go To Sleep, Mess”

Download Day Joy’s New Ordinary free from bandcamp

  • Track: Go to Sleep, Mess
  • Artist: DAY JOY
  • Album: New Ordinary 7
  • Plays: 793

Daily Doses: Gracie x Steffaloo “Quilts” (2011)
Label: Self-Released

Los Angeles’ Steffaloo is on a mission to play with every electronic producer from this coast, to that coast and everything in between. And you’ll hear no complaints from me about it, because every track is just so good! 

Here, recalling some of last summers musical bedroom antics, New York’s Gracie combines with  Steffaloo for a single that spreads out like a sonic oil spill, soaking everything in it’s path with a layer of reverb and glistening distant vocals.

With collaborations like these, who needs a solo project?

Also, be sure to check out Steffaloo’s On Fire 7” on Jaxart.

Download Gracie x Steffaloo’s “Quilts”

  • Track: Quilts
  • Artist: Gracie x Steffaloo
  • Plays: 591

Daily Doses: Elvis Depressedly “Crazier With You” From Disgraceland (2011)
Label: Self Released 

Well, this is just a delightful treat.

Mat Cothran (of Coma Cinema) has released a third and (apparently) final EP as Elvis Depressedly.

"Crazier With You", the second song on the EP is exactly the kind of twisted that makes me love all of Cothran’s stuff. A delicate malaise colored with the feeling of freezing to death.

I think that might be love.

Download Elvis Depressedly’s “Crazier With You” 

Download Disgraceland for a “Name Your Price” fee From Bandcamp

  • Track: crazier with you
  • Artist: elvis depressedly
  • Album: disgraceland
  • Plays: 599

Daily Doses: Keep Shelly In Athens “Lazy Noon”

Keep Shelly In Athens recently announced they would be coming out with a new 12” EP, Our Own Dream (Fall, 2011, Forest Family). From this I have finally realized there has to be some sort of greater power, and it likes to give me good music.

Then I realized that would mean It’s the same greater power that likes to put love seats in the middle of the freeway so that I can run into them at 2:00am.

I guess it’s a wash.

Download KSiA “Lazy Mood”

(Via GvsB)

  • Track: Lazy Noon
  • Artist: Keep Shelly in Athens
  • Plays: 233

Daily Doses: Flashing Red Lights “Weekdays” From Faster Horses (2011)

This is the best noise you’ve ever heard.

On Flashing Red Lights’ last E.P., Various Successes I’ve Had (2011) , Mack played hard with programmed beats over stunningly intimate vocals to beautiful effect.

And from the clattering ambient distance in “Conviction 1” to the soaked sadness in “Gold Light”, I have to admit, I kinda thought he had conquered sound about as much as was possible given the restraints of recording every part himself in his bedroom.

Little did I know he was just showing off his control of it.

Here he let’s it run wild.

I’d say Faster Horses sounds like Industrial smashed into Instrumental Hip-Hop, bled over with singer/songwriter before it’s drowned in a pool of Eno’esque (it’s a word) ambient noise.

In other words, it sounds like nothing else I can put my finger on.

Album opener “Weekdays” opens with a guitar that sounds like caged beast, raging against the world in the middle of an iron factory. Meanwhile a mournful vocal waxes and wanes with lines as poetic as:

"I come home from work and you come home from work, and we lie dead as leaves and dull as Winter."

And as bluntly honest as:

"You spent Christmas Day getting drunk alone."

It’s a track that captures the feeling fading connection and increasing emotional distance by counter-pointing the softly sung vocals with all the rage smashing into the background.

And ain’t that just the way it is?

Download Flashing Red Lights “Weekdays” from Faster Horses (2011)

Download Flashing Red Lights Faster Horses From His Bandcamp

  • Track: Weekdays
  • Artist: Flashing Red Lights
  • Album: Faster Horses
  • Plays: 563

Daily Doses: Douçe Françe “Yellow Pheobe Snow” Single (2011)

There’s something about French interviews over scattered beats that kinda makes my heart speed up.

In related news, I think there’s something fucked up with my heart.

In further related news, “Yellow Pheobe Snow” is doing a great job getting me through the terror I’ve been feeling because of my recently discovered heart problem.

Download Douçe Françe’s “Yellow Pheobe Snow”


  • Track: Yellow Phoebe Snow
  • Artist: Douçe Françe
  • Plays: 230

Daily Doses: Arrange + Ricky Eat Acid “P.S.L.W” From Single (2011)

Some things are worth coming back for.

Sam Ray of Ricky Eat Acid and Malcom Lacey of Arrange have been doing amazing things on their own for quite some time now. Malcom’s Plantation  got a very respectable tap for a 7.7 from p4k and Sam Ray has been mentioned on this blog at least 5 times, and probably that or more on most on blogs on the internet.

Kids these days…. Oh how quickly they grow.

On the third Ricky Eat Acid release, You Get Sick You Regret Things (2010), Sam Ray really showcased his talents as a multi-instrumentalist, as well as his ability to work well with the negative space in a song. Meanwhile, Malcom’s command of stark lyrical imagery against dark instrumental backdrops is what gave Plantation it’s depth. So the combination of those seems like it could be breathtaking.

And it is.

Here, on their first collaboration, “P.S.L.W”. All of their skill sets are married into a dark bleeding track of tremendous depth that shakes a little bit as it slides across your soul. One of the best tracks of the year.

Download Arrange + Ricky Eat Acid’s “P.S.L.W”

  • Track: P. S. L. W.
  • Artist: Ricky Eat Acid + Arrange
  • Plays: 210