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Doses: Seabright “For Icy” - Digital Single (2012)
Self Released 

Everything is

           rushing by w

too quickly these days.

But this little slice of slowed down drawl, feels like it’s going just fast enough. 

Download Seabright’s “For Icy”

  • Track: For Icy
  • Artist: Seabright
  • Plays: 613

Daily Doses: Day Joy “Go To Sleep, Mess” From New Ordinary Digital 7” (2012)
Label: Self-Released
Locale: Orlando, FL 

In this first release from Orlando’s Day Joy, little slashes of indie folk run rampant dart and push against world-weary vocals.

Like a forlorn look from through your office window, to the park across the street. 

Download Day Joy “Go To Sleep, Mess”

Download Day Joy’s New Ordinary free from bandcamp

  • Track: Go to Sleep, Mess
  • Artist: DAY JOY
  • Album: New Ordinary 7
  • Plays: 793

Daily Doses: Douçe Françe “Yellow Pheobe Snow” Single (2011)

There’s something about French interviews over scattered beats that kinda makes my heart speed up.

In related news, I think there’s something fucked up with my heart.

In further related news, “Yellow Pheobe Snow” is doing a great job getting me through the terror I’ve been feeling because of my recently discovered heart problem.

Download Douçe Françe’s “Yellow Pheobe Snow”


  • Track: Yellow Phoebe Snow
  • Artist: Douçe Françe
  • Plays: 230