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Daily Doses: Elvis Depressedly “Crazier With You” From Disgraceland (2011)
Label: Self Released 

Well, this is just a delightful treat.

Mat Cothran (of Coma Cinema) has released a third and (apparently) final EP as Elvis Depressedly.

"Crazier With You", the second song on the EP is exactly the kind of twisted that makes me love all of Cothran’s stuff. A delicate malaise colored with the feeling of freezing to death.

I think that might be love.

Download Elvis Depressedly’s “Crazier With You” 

Download Disgraceland for a “Name Your Price” fee From Bandcamp

  • Track: crazier with you
  • Artist: elvis depressedly
  • Album: disgraceland
  • Plays: 599

Daily Doses: Mat Cothran And Brandon Biondo “Untitled” (2010)

Mat Cothran, the man behind Coma Cinema and Brandon Biondo (Solo beatsmith and part of Knoxville’s COOLRUNNINGS) are two of my favorite musicians/people that I’ve come in contact as through this blog. Both are at the top of the class in talent, and the height of class as people.

So them combining their powers, as far as this blog is concerned, tops out my Christmas list.

The as of yet untitled song is a beautiful scramble, slathered with distorted guitars and  harmonic “ooohhhh and ahhhh’s”, while synths occasionally peek through with melodic leads. The vocals meanwhile are dry as can be, reminding me somewhat of Owen Ashworth of Casiotone For The Painfully Alone.

Hope this is the first of many tracks we hear from these two!

Download Mat Cothran and Brandon Biondo’s “Untitled” Here

  • Track: Untitled
  • Artist: Mat Cothran And Brandon Biondo (Members Of Coma Cinema And COOLRUNNINGS)
  • Plays: 370