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Daily Doses: Elvis Depressedly “Crazier With You” From Disgraceland (2011)
Label: Self Released 

Well, this is just a delightful treat.

Mat Cothran (of Coma Cinema) has released a third and (apparently) final EP as Elvis Depressedly.

"Crazier With You", the second song on the EP is exactly the kind of twisted that makes me love all of Cothran’s stuff. A delicate malaise colored with the feeling of freezing to death.

I think that might be love.

Download Elvis Depressedly’s “Crazier With You” 

Download Disgraceland for a “Name Your Price” fee From Bandcamp

  • Track: crazier with you
  • Artist: elvis depressedly
  • Album: disgraceland
  • Plays: 599

Daily Doses: Flashing Red Lights “Weekdays” From Faster Horses (2011)

This is the best noise you’ve ever heard.

On Flashing Red Lights’ last E.P., Various Successes I’ve Had (2011) , Mack played hard with programmed beats over stunningly intimate vocals to beautiful effect.

And from the clattering ambient distance in “Conviction 1” to the soaked sadness in “Gold Light”, I have to admit, I kinda thought he had conquered sound about as much as was possible given the restraints of recording every part himself in his bedroom.

Little did I know he was just showing off his control of it.

Here he let’s it run wild.

I’d say Faster Horses sounds like Industrial smashed into Instrumental Hip-Hop, bled over with singer/songwriter before it’s drowned in a pool of Eno’esque (it’s a word) ambient noise.

In other words, it sounds like nothing else I can put my finger on.

Album opener “Weekdays” opens with a guitar that sounds like caged beast, raging against the world in the middle of an iron factory. Meanwhile a mournful vocal waxes and wanes with lines as poetic as:

"I come home from work and you come home from work, and we lie dead as leaves and dull as Winter."

And as bluntly honest as:

"You spent Christmas Day getting drunk alone."

It’s a track that captures the feeling fading connection and increasing emotional distance by counter-pointing the softly sung vocals with all the rage smashing into the background.

And ain’t that just the way it is?

Download Flashing Red Lights “Weekdays” from Faster Horses (2011)

Download Flashing Red Lights Faster Horses From His Bandcamp

  • Track: Weekdays
  • Artist: Flashing Red Lights
  • Album: Faster Horses
  • Plays: 563

Daily Doses: Giraffage “Eschaton” From The Pretty Things EP (2011)

Poppin’ bottles in the club…

There’s a point a little before hammered and right after buzzed where everything just gets a little hazy. Not out of control, but just a little surreal. It’s brief, like that last point before the sun hits the horizon, but if you keep an eye out for it, you’ll feel it.

The track’s on Giraffage’s debut E.P., Pretty Things remind me of those points. Not too far gone, but not entirely there either.

Ephemeral yet strikingly present.

An indicator of crazy things to come.

Download Giraffage’s “Eschaton” From Pretty Things

Download Giraffage’s Pretty Things For The Price Of Your Choosing From His Bandcamp

  • Track: Eschaton
  • Artist: Giraffage
  • Album: Pretty Things EP
  • Plays: 529

Daily Doses: HAHA “City Ghosts” From City Ghosts

Let’s get lost tonight.

I’m in New York for a bit, operating off of a little less than zero sleep and still in that time zone transitioning phase where everything seems just a little unreal.

So as long as I’m spinning out, I thought I’d at least listen to the right music to suck me in deeper. This new track by HAHA seemed to fit the bill.

Presented by Jamison of Teen Daze’s new label, Cultus Vibes, I’m not sure I could find anything better to capture that blissful combination of sleep deprivation, city lights, and drive by conversations.

Download HAHA’s “City Ghosts”

Download City GhostsFor Free From Cultus Vibes Bandcamp

  • Track: City Ghosts
  • Artist: HAHA
  • Album: City Ghosts
  • Plays: 689

Daily Doses: heRobust “Dunce” From Albumin (2010)

I just heard heRobust for the first time last week when Tim over at Smoke Don’t Smoke dropped “Grief Case”, the opening track from his release, Albumin.

Stuttering in samples over down-tempo beats, “Grief Case” was a great opening to the album which has been on pretty solid rotation over the last few weeks.

"Dunce", the 7th track from the release is in a similar vein but with a little more space added in. It’s like a love scene in a low gravity simulator. It’s over quick, but the slow motion acrobatics are perfection.

Download heRobust’s “Dunce”

Download heRobust’s Albumin For Free From Saturate Records

  • Track: Dunce
  • Artist: heRobust
  • Album: heRobust - Albumin Ep (STRTEP002)
  • Plays: 339

Daily Doses: Star Slinger “Baby Mama”

I’m exhausted.

Burnt out, run over, run down, killed. The works.

Fortunately, Star Slinger is around to slow up the melt down. Break it up, chop it back together and screw it down.

It’s a beautiful life, and it’s better with a track like this to sink into your skull as you crash to sleep.

Also, Star Slinger’s first 7”, a Split with Hard Mix, just dropped on Double Denim. Pick it up.

Download Star Slinger “Baby Mama”

Order The Star Slinger and Hard Mix 7” From Double Denim

  • Track: Baby Mama
  • Artist: Star Slinger
  • Album: Rogue Choppa
  • Plays: 200

Daily Doses: Teen Daze “Let’s Fall Asleep Together” From Beach Dreams (2010)

Things change far more often than things stay the same.

Those of you not familiar with some of Teen Daze’s side projects may consider this a big switch from the ambient, beach driven aesthetic that have made up the majority of his body of work.

However, hints of this album can be seen peaking through the cracks of some of his other works including the guitar work on his Two Bicyles recordings. 

Not sure if “Let’s Fall Asleep Together”, which opens up the just released Beach Dreams, indicates a permanent change in style for Teen Daze. If it does though, two things to consider.

1.we’ll always have Four More Years, which captured the sound we’ve known Teen Daze for up to point perfectly.

2. Context aside, and ignoring whether these beach pop jams are the sound of the future or just a temporary diversion, they’re really damn good.

This E.P. was done in support of Teen Daze’s Upcoming Tour with MillionYoung, Here are those dates:

12.03.10 - Denton, TX - Hailey’s 
12.04.10 - Austin, TX - The Mohawk 
12.06.10 - Flagstaff, AZ - Hotel Monte Vista 
12.07.10 - San Diego, CA - Casbah 
12.08.10 - Los Angeles, CA - Spaceland 
12.09.10 - San Francisco, CA - Rickshaw Stop 
12.10.10 - Portland, OR - The Woods 
12.11.10 - Seattle, WA - Comet Tavern 
12.12.10 - Vancouver, BC - Railway Club

Download Teen Daze’s “Let’s Fall Asleep Together”

Download Teen Daze’s Beach Dreams From His Bandcamp While Supplies Last

  • Track: Let's Fall Asleep Together
  • Artist: Teen Daze
  • Album: Beach Dreams
  • Plays: 369

Daily Doses: Wildlife “Stand In The Water” From Strike Hard, Young Diamond (2010)

Live fast, die young, and if you’re going to strike, strike hard.

Toronto based Wildlife is prepping for the release of their just finished debut album, Strike Hard, Young Diamond, and sent over the finished product early this morning, and it’s been a great companion through a Thursday that’s been pretty hard to stay awake through.

Album opener “Stand In The Water” slams through a pretty flawless introduction with an enthusiasm and gusto that’s refreshing and invigorating. It’s a great opener for an album that enthusiastically never backs down.

The current climate of larger labels only releasing pop albums that swing for the bleachers, and smaller labels having pretty tight budget restrictions, has left the middle range of well produced (and well written) rock albums a little baron. So it’s refreshing to get something this sonically complete and rounded  from a new artist. 

Strike Hard, Young Diamond lands on November 16th on Candian label Easy Tiger Entertainment, but you can catch a pre release teaser of threee of the tracks on Wildlife’s bandcamp.

Download Wildlife’s “Stand In The Water”

  • Track: Stand in the Water
  • Artist: Wildlife
  • Album: Strike Hard, Young Diamond
  • Plays: 280

Daily Doses: Snowmine “The Hill” From Laminate Pet Animal (2010)

Just to cap off my recent post about Snowmine’s upcoming album, figured I’d add a few pertinent details, and one more glimpse of what’s to come.

Hailing from the fine city of Brooklyn, Snowmine recently completed a name change from Mem (which they’d been playing and recording under since 2008) due to copyright issues and general un-goggleability.

Helmed by composer Grayson Sanders (hence the lush string section and tight orchestration), as well guitarist Austin Mendenhall, bassist Jay Goodman drummer Alex Beckman, and multi-instrumentalist Scott Selig, Snowmine is also comprised of various auxiliary players, as well as videographer Mark Johnson to handle visuals.

Their album, Laminate Pet Animal, is due out mid-December.

Visit Snowmine On Their Bandcamp / Facebook Page

  • Track: The Hill
  • Artist: SNOWMINE
  • Album: Laminate Pet Animal
  • Plays: 239
Emerging Artists: Snowmine “Penny” From Laminate Pet Animal (2010)
Just recently announcing their upcoming record in 2011, Brooklyn’s Snowmine has a beautifully orchestral pop sound in the vein of Fleet Foxes, Nightlands and Lord Huron.
Nothing available for D/L yet, but worth keeping an eye on! Give a listen to the opener “Penny” below, and check out 3 more songs from their upcoming release, Laminate Pet Animal, on their bandcamp.

Emerging Artists: Snowmine “Penny” From Laminate Pet Animal (2010)

Just recently announcing their upcoming record in 2011, Brooklyn’s Snowmine has a beautifully orchestral pop sound in the vein of Fleet Foxes, Nightlands and Lord Huron.

Nothing available for D/L yet, but worth keeping an eye on! Give a listen to the opener “Penny” below, and check out 3 more songs from their upcoming release, Laminate Pet Animal, on their bandcamp.