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New Music: Purity Ring “Obedear” From Shrines (2012)

I love everything about the way Purity Ring has approached their first release.

The slow and staggered tracks releases stumbling about the internet.

           The build up of their live show into a two person explosion.


       of course

the actual songs… Brilliant sparse works of electro-pop sparked up against lyrics so dense they consume you.

Can’t wait for this release.

Download Purity Ring’s Obedear

(Via P4k)

  • Track: Obedear
  • Artist: Purity Ring
  • Plays: 675

Daily Doses: Gracie x Steffaloo “Quilts” (2011)
Label: Self-Released

Los Angeles’ Steffaloo is on a mission to play with every electronic producer from this coast, to that coast and everything in between. And you’ll hear no complaints from me about it, because every track is just so good! 

Here, recalling some of last summers musical bedroom antics, New York’s Gracie combines with  Steffaloo for a single that spreads out like a sonic oil spill, soaking everything in it’s path with a layer of reverb and glistening distant vocals.

With collaborations like these, who needs a solo project?

Also, be sure to check out Steffaloo’s On Fire 7” on Jaxart.

Download Gracie x Steffaloo’s “Quilts”

  • Track: Quilts
  • Artist: Gracie x Steffaloo
  • Plays: 591

Daily Doses: Wintercoats “Delicate Position” Ft. Sea Oleena (2011)

Sometimes when I’m at the beach, I skip rocks.

Well, to be honest, every time I’m at the beach I skip rocks. 

And every time I do, I always end up thinking about the amount of time it took that rock to finally get washed up to the shore. The epic journey it undertook while never being able to move of it’s own volition. Then, when it finally reached the end of that journey, it spent exactly 10 seconds under the sun before being thrown right back in.

I like to tell myself that 10 seconds was better because it was so brief. And that if it’d washed all the way onto the shore, it would have just ended up yearning for the ocean again.

But then, I’m biased, and slightly jaded.

I also really like skipping rocks.

Sorry, realizing we’re two days away from the first anniversary of the first Wintercoats EP, Cathedral has me in a contemplative mood. Amazing to think of how much has happened in the last year…

  • Track: Delicate Position (Ft. Sea Oleena)
  • Artist: Wintercoats
  • Plays: 480
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Daily Doses: Arches “This Isn’t A Good Night For Walking”

According to Arches new Tumblr blog, this is the first song the duo ever wrote together, which is pretty amazing.

Opening with static rolling about like tumbleweeds before crashing into a twinkling bar piano part and lift and dip vocals and harmonies. “This Isn’t A Good Night For Walking” brings to mind Grizzly Bear while still keeping with their pysch/rock roots.

I’m rarely disappointed by what Arches bring to the table, and this is no exception. 2011 is already starting to look good.


  • Track: This Isn't A Good Night For Walking
  • Artist: Arches
  • Plays: 690

Daily Doses: Wild Eyes “Off To The Witch” From The Damir Doma Single (2010) 

The combined vision of Chelsea Wolfe and Ben Chisholm, This track off of Wild Eyes  Damir Doma single is a perfect dark step closer to tonight’s full lunar eclipse.

I had the pleasure of catching a solo Chelsea at the Meme (a Los Angeles DIY venue) a few months ago. Blending perfectly with the feel of the place, she created dense soundscapes that made even the back row move closer, caught in her swirl. 

I believe she’s based out of San Francisco, so if you have a chance to see her, do so. Meanwhile go ahead and drown yourself in these three tracks for a bit, and let your whole world go away.

Also be sure to check out the new video for “Northern Darkness”, up now over at Grrrizz’ly

Download Wild Eyes “Off To The Witch”

Download Wild Eyes Damir Doma Single from AMI Discs

  • Track: Off To The Witch
  • Artist: Wild Eyes
  • Album: 'Damir Doma' digital single (AMDS001)
  • Plays: 289
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Reblog From: steffaloo:

rockin’ around the christmas tree (click to download)

it’s christmas it’s christmas!!  

well, i decided to get in the christmas spirit this year and try to make a little holiday EP with my ukulele.  surprisingly, i actually finished it!  this track, however, is very special because i had the help of our good friend mike, from dead as digital, and his roomate mack who laid down some killer instrumentation on this little song to chalk it full of holiday goodness!  i hope you enjoy this as much as i enjoyed making it with these fine fellas.  the entire EP is on its way this weekend, so keep an eye out!  yaay christmas!


DaD Note: We really only added a few flourishes, All credit goes to Steph. Starting to accumulate quite a few fantastic songs to soundtrack my christmas morn!

  • Track: Rockin' Xmas (FULL)
  • Plays: 380

Daily Doses: Wintercoats “Spend This Day”

Austrailia’s Wintercoats recently released this track to help soundtrack your Christmas season.

Continuing with the orchestral arrangements and strong harmonies demonstrated on their Cathedral E.P, “Spend This Day” is perfect for the seasons. It’s neither demanding, nor plastically enforced. Just smooth, soothing, and quietly charming.

Download Wintercoats “Spend This Day”

Download Wintercoats Debut EP Cathedral For Free From Their Bandcamp

  • Track: Spend This Day
  • Artist: Wintercoats
  • Plays: 310