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Daily Doses: Estasy “Wild Wants” From Locus Solus (2012) 

When it rains it pours.

Having been searching to the far corners of the internet for anything that could hold my attention long enough to post about for the past few weeks, I exhaustedly rose from bed this morning ready for another long search of soundcloud’s nether regions, only to find a veritable cornucopia of fantastic treats laid out across my e-mails digital doorstep.

I guess Halloween is the turning point into the fight for year end supremacy.

The first thing I noticed was this fantastic screamer from Italy’s “Estasy” I got in from Acephale, which has long been one of my favorite labels (right up there with True Panther and Tri-Angle).

Apparently recorded “With minimal effects, and for the most part live.” Locus Solus' first track, “Wild Wants” is a haunting and driven reminder that we're moving away from Summer.

And if these are the types of tracks that are going to start rolling in now that we’ve done away with the heat… I say let Winter take over the world.

Download Estasy’s “Wild Wants” from Locus Solus

  • Track: Wild Wants
  • Artist: Estasy
  • Album: Estasy
  • Plays: 499

Daily Doses: That Ghost “Calls” From Songs Out Here (2011)

"Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion." 

~ Jack Kerouac

Thank god this track from That Ghost crossed my plate through the fine folks over at Weekly Tape Deck before I went too far down that rabbit hole of beats and electronics to ever come back.

"Calls", the second single out of California’s Ryan Schmale from his upcoming record, is a beautifully slow paced jam. Traveling along at a drunken stumble as it woozily drips out it’s story, the tracks distorted background bass and dissonant treble end keep you on the edge of your seat, imagining that the whole thing will fall apart any second, as the drums keep it upright just long enough to lurch to it’s conclusion. 

Paired with the more slightly more straight ahead fuzz-pop-rock sounds of “To Like You”, you’ve got a pretty damned dynamic twosome to herald That Ghost’s upcoming full length on Two-Syllable Records (Which is well worth the investment of $15.00).

Download That Ghost “Calls”

Order That Ghost’s Song Out Here From Two-Syllable Records 

(Via WTD)

  • Track: Calls
  • Artist: That Ghost
  • Album: Songs Out Here (mp3)
  • Plays: 379

New Video: Rene Hell “Slightly Eleven”
Video By: Megazord

 Great mixed media video from Megazord for Rene Hell’s “Slightly Eleven”.

The Rene Hell / Three Legged Race 12” is out now on Arbor and with a description like this, how can you resist?

Rene Hell’s four part suite Violin Petal {Auden} follows his recent LP on Type with it’s distinct form of digital synthesis and future-concrète; cyclic music expanding and contracting throughout a cybernetic space.  The confusion of communication, control source unknown.  Signals crossed along a technological drift.  Robert Beatty’s Three Legged Race presents a three part suite, Whipped Secrets.  Investigating herein an application of early ‘automatic’ synthesizer music manipulated into linear form based song structure.


Order The Rene Hell And Three Legged Race 12” From Arbor (Limited Edition Of 400) 

Daily Doses: Grimes “Dream Fortress” From Halfaxa (2010)

There’s something about forbidden, or inaccessible area that excites the curiosity. Like police tape marked “Do Not Cross” and slathered about a crime scene, those areas call to me. I want in.

So what does this have to do with Canada’s Grimes (Aka Claire Boucher)? Originally championed by the likes of Delicious Scopitone and Gorilla Vs. Bear with her Geidi Primes Tape earlier this year, Grimes’ music has always had an air of exclusivity to it. Something dark and mysterious, as if there were depths so far beneath the surface that if you stepped in without testing the waters, you’d instantly be so far above your head you’d be in a different world. A world epically larger, and infinitely stranger than the one we normally inhabit. 

And every time I listen to Halfaxa, I become more, and more sure… I want in.

Download Grimes Halfaxa For Free From Arbutus Records

(Via GvsB)

  • Track: Dream Fortress
  • Artist: Grimes
  • Album: Halfaxa
  • Plays: 430

Daily Doses: White Flight “Children Of The Light” From White Ark (2010)

This will be the second time White Flight appears on this blog, and some of his incredibly weird back story appears in this post.

"Children Of The Light" marks the second of the singles Range Life Records is slowly releasing to promote White Flights long shelved album “White Ark”. Showcasing a little less of the beat mastery of track collaborators Ratatat than is displayed in the previous single “Panther, “Children Of The Light” retains the joyous yelps, and yells that seem to just leap from lead singer Justin Roelofs’ mouth creating a melody and lyrical structure that comes off as entirely unplanned.

Interestingly enough, as I apparently can’t do a post about White Flight without discovering something new and completely odd. I recently realized that Roelofs started out his musical career as Guitarist/Singer/Songwriter for the mid-wests “The Anniversary”, who played with such bands as Braid, and The Get Up Kids during the 90’s emo before it was emo uprising.

You really do learn something new every day!

Download White Flight’s “Children Of The Light”

(Via SmokeDon’tSmoke)


  • Track: Children of the Light
  • Artist: White Flight
  • Album: White Ark
  • Plays: 320

Daily Doses: Coma Cinema “Business As Usual” From Blue Suicide (2010)

It’s been a bit dead lately, but fortunately that allows me to catch up on some great songs that I let slip through the cracks.

Coma Cinema, the one man project of Mat Cothran, creates beautifully intimate bedroom pop that sounds as if everything he makes drained right out of his soul, and into his music. “Business As Usual” the first release from his upcoming release, Blue Suicide, is no exception. Dragging it’s claws across the sea, and pulling you along with it.

Earlier this year Mat released the absolutely stunning Stoned Alone both as a free digital release, and with plans with a tape release. However, problems with his label (Arcade Sound Ltd) resulted in the analog release never coming to fruition. Which is a shame, as it’s one of my favorite releases of the year.

Fortunately, this new release will be coming out through Wonder Beard Records, which is two for two in actually delivering the tapes they promise. So keep an eye out for it!

Download Coma Cinema’s “Business As Usual”

Download Coma Cinema’s First Two Releases For Free From ComaCinema.org


  • Track: Business As Usual
  • Artist: Coma Cinema
  • Album: Blue Suicide
  • Plays: 490

Daily Doses: tHE BIRD DAY “Five Fingers” From Collect Vibrations (2010)

Before I go on, I think it’s important to point out a couple things:

A: As you may have noticed, the music on the DIY has started reaching a broader audience due to services like Bandcamp, wide spread blog support, and primarily the hard work and dedication of the artists themselves. However, most of these artists don’t usually release full albums. Most of the focus is on singles and E.P’s due to their faster release rate. 

B: This method of releasing is fantastic for blogs, giving us amazing new material at a constant rate. However, it’s also created a pretty large disparity between my favorite songs of the year and my favorite albums of the year.

There are some exceptions to that. For example Coma Cinema’s Stoned Alone is an amazing full length release. But as a whole, it’s an unfortunate fact that while the music a lot of the artists I feature get a decent amount of attention on the song focused blog front, on the album review front it’s a waste land.

Which is is why it was such a pleasure to get this full length from New York’s tHE BIRD DAY. As thankfully it has corrected some of that disparity by sliding directly into my top 10 of 2010.

 Consisting primarily of beat heavy party tracks covered in choral vocals and some well placed chopped samples, Collect Vibrations is one of those rare albums where each song not only works well as a single, but also comes together perfectly as a full length release. Heavy hitters like the previously released singles “Gonna Beg You”, “Feel The Waves” and “You Will Understand” all slide perfectly into their place on the album with new comers like the amazing album closer “Five Fingers”.

Synopsis: First download this album. Then hide your kids, hide your wives, and hide your husbands too, because tHE BIRD DAY is killin’ everything up in here.

Download The Bird Day’s Debut Full Length Collect Vibrations

Download The Bird Day’s “Five Fingers” From Collect Vibrations

  • Track: Five Fingers
  • Artist: THE BIRd DAY
  • Album: Collect Vibrations
  • Plays: 400