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Daily Doses: Estasy “Wild Wants” From Locus Solus (2012) 

When it rains it pours.

Having been searching to the far corners of the internet for anything that could hold my attention long enough to post about for the past few weeks, I exhaustedly rose from bed this morning ready for another long search of soundcloud’s nether regions, only to find a veritable cornucopia of fantastic treats laid out across my e-mails digital doorstep.

I guess Halloween is the turning point into the fight for year end supremacy.

The first thing I noticed was this fantastic screamer from Italy’s “Estasy” I got in from Acephale, which has long been one of my favorite labels (right up there with True Panther and Tri-Angle).

Apparently recorded “With minimal effects, and for the most part live.” Locus Solus' first track, “Wild Wants” is a haunting and driven reminder that we're moving away from Summer.

And if these are the types of tracks that are going to start rolling in now that we’ve done away with the heat… I say let Winter take over the world.

Download Estasy’s “Wild Wants” from Locus Solus

  • Track: Wild Wants
  • Artist: Estasy
  • Album: Estasy
  • Plays: 501

Daily Doses: Keep Shelly In Athens “Lazy Noon”

Keep Shelly In Athens recently announced they would be coming out with a new 12” EP, Our Own Dream (Fall, 2011, Forest Family). From this I have finally realized there has to be some sort of greater power, and it likes to give me good music.

Then I realized that would mean It’s the same greater power that likes to put love seats in the middle of the freeway so that I can run into them at 2:00am.

I guess it’s a wash.

Download KSiA “Lazy Mood”

(Via GvsB)

  • Track: Lazy Noon
  • Artist: Keep Shelly in Athens
  • Plays: 233

Daily Doses: Chelsea Wolfe “Mer” From Ἀποκάλυψις (2011)

I just wanna fall in love with a track. 

I want it to twist around and find someplace in me where it can set up shop for about 20 listens until it fully assimilates and becomes something new, something I need to hear every day at least once. 

But, of course, that’s hard to find. Even harder with a full length release. So far Tune Yards, and Sun Glitters are the only full length’s this year that have really blown me away. Weeknd’s House Of Balloon’s is screaming with potential, and has 3 or 4 tracks that hit it right on, but just doesn’t have enough dynamics as an album. Tyler The Creator’s Goblin, while containing 4-5 tracks that absolutely slay, also falls way flat on the other 13 tracks, sounding in the end like what it is. A record that was rushed to take advantage of buzz.

Half complete.

So seeing there was a new Chelsea Wolfe track was like an oasis in the desert. Far from those casualties of hype, carelessly packaged and tossed out half formed into a world desperate for substance, Chelsea has been carefully building herself and her style both in the bay area and Los Angeles for years, only recently getting talked about in the kind of places she deserves.

In “Mer”, Chealsea speaks in apocalyptic tongues over bending guitar sounds and enough rolling drums to make Danny Carey from Tool get a little bit excited. The end result steeped in end of the world sounds, feels both completely confident, and completely complete

Artists out there take note. I know you think it’s important to keep the quantity of new tracks up in order to get noticed, but make sure once you start getting a little notice you can change gears and start upping the quality as well.

Or just ask yourself if you’d rather have an amazing three album run that lasted 5 years years or 60 tracks that were posted during that same period on some blogs, 5 of which were pretty good?

Download Chelsea Wolfe’s “Mer”

Order Chealsea’s last album, The Grime And The Glow, from Pendu Sound and keep an eye out there for Ἀποκάλυψις 

(Via P4K)

  • Track: MER
  • Album: Ἀποκάλυψις
  • Plays: 859

Daily Doses: Purity Ring “Ungirthed” (Sun Glitters Remix) (2011)

Golden sounds.

In case you’ve missed it, Purity Ring, the brain child of Megan James and Corin Roddick of Gobble Gobble are releasing their first 7” on the always amazing Transparent Records. 

In case you’ve also missed it, Sun Glitters is releasing his debut album, Everything Could Be Fine, on cassette through WeGet.by.

What happens when these two artists come together in a clash of the titans? Click play to find out.

Download Purity Ring “Ungirthed” (Sunglitters Remix)

Order Purity Ring’s Ungirthed 7” from Transparent Records

Order Sun Glitters Everything Could Be Fine from We Get By

(Via Transparent)

  • Track: Ungirthed (Sun Glitters Remix)
  • Artist: Purity Ring
  • Album: [via XLR8R.com]
  • Plays: 380

Daily Doses: Chelsea Wolfe “Moses” From The Grime And The Glow (2010)

Does anyone ever think of Micro-genre’s like voracious sharks, tearing up young artists and trapping them in their constrictive gullets? Or is that just the retread of The Raw Shark Texts talking?

Some people might feel the urge to place Chelsea’s brand of dark and twisted sludge in the Witch House genre, which would be unfair as she pre-dates that genre by a few years. 

However, In last years The Grime And Glow she really slammed into a cohesive statement that’s impossible to ignore. So stick it in Witch House, Trap it in Dark Wave or drown it in Horror-Core, if you want. But in the end, it’s going to find you.

Also for you fellow LA Kids, I hear Chelsea is now a local, so keep an eye out for shows!

Download Chelsea Wolfe’s “Moses”

Order The Grime And The Glow (Limited Edition of 500) From Pendu.

(Big ups to Rose Quartz Blog)

  • Track: Moses
  • Artist: Chelsea Wolfe
  • Album: The Grime and the Glow
  • Plays: 2019
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Daily Doses: Hard Mix “Eye Contact” From The Star Slinger / Hard Mix Split 7” (2010)
Reblog From: Double Denim Records 

And it’s time to take this to another level kids…

Kill me. Burn me up, toss me away, and let my remains sink as far down as you can bury them. But just make sure this track is playing the whole time. I’m not it’s possible to have nailed a better compliment to Star Slingers brand of beat mastery than this floating, synth laden, sample heavy track. 

It’s like dreaming of playing the original Contra in a laser tag arena that Keep Shelly In Athens is DJing.

PRE-ORDER Star Slinger / Hard Mix Split 7” From Double Denim (Ships 7th February 2011)

Via Double Denim

  • Track: Eye Contact
  • Artist: Hard Mix
  • Album: DD003
  • Plays: 1109

New Video: Rene Hell “Slightly Eleven”
Video By: Megazord

 Great mixed media video from Megazord for Rene Hell’s “Slightly Eleven”.

The Rene Hell / Three Legged Race 12” is out now on Arbor and with a description like this, how can you resist?

Rene Hell’s four part suite Violin Petal {Auden} follows his recent LP on Type with it’s distinct form of digital synthesis and future-concrète; cyclic music expanding and contracting throughout a cybernetic space.  The confusion of communication, control source unknown.  Signals crossed along a technological drift.  Robert Beatty’s Three Legged Race presents a three part suite, Whipped Secrets.  Investigating herein an application of early ‘automatic’ synthesizer music manipulated into linear form based song structure.


Order The Rene Hell And Three Legged Race 12” From Arbor (Limited Edition Of 400) 

New Releases: Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti “Round and Round”

You know those parties where everyone is having a great time, the music is going, and almost everyone is drunk?  You know, except you. You’re in the corner. Maybe a little annoyed that everyone is so drunk (even though you were that drunk just the night before).  Maybe someone jostles your arm, spilling the beer you’ve been nursing for the past 45 minutes on your sweet jacket. Perhaps as you glare at that person, who turns out to be a cute girl (that normally you would be interested in, but you are NOT in the mood), she just laughs and dances away from you. And maybe at that point you realize that while you may be the only person here that does not like this party, it’s still not going to get better, and you should stop living the lie and get the hell out of there.

Oh. Right. Just to be clear, Ariel Pink is that party. They have a new album out on 4ad, the lead single is called Round and Round.

You can download it here.

There’s also a limited edition single for Round and Round, which will be available April 26th, feel free to enjoy the hot man on dog cover art action here.

More information on the full release, and single here.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a party to leave.