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New WeGet.By Release: Sun Glitters - Everything Could Be Fine (2011)
Track: “Beside Me”

When I first listened to Sun Glitters debut release, Everything Could Be Fine, I was smitten. I lay back and played the tracks on repeat as lazy phrases and disconnected thoughts jumped through my head… Somehow time seemed to stretch and calm. Through the album I kept waiting for a time I would lose interest, I had work to do! But it just never happened, I honestly don’t think there’s a song on this record I don’t love.

I quickly messaged Victor, asking if he had any tracks available for me to promote, and he sent back "Everything Could Be Fine", which got as glowing a recommendation as these hands could write. Over the course of a few more e-mails, the idea of releasing the album as a tape through WeGetBy came up, and Victor was immediately on board.

So, I’m pleased to announce, directly on the heels of our first solo artist release with Flashing Red Lights, our second solo artist release on We Get By will be Sun Glitters beautiful debut, Everything Could Be Fine.

Having these two artists as the first two releases of this fledgling label is something I couldn’t be prouder of, and stand behind 100% as the type of quality, artistic vision, and amazing people we will continue to work with at WeGetBy. In the year to come we’ll also be expanding into vinyl releases as well as few other things, so keep an eye out at www.weget.by.

Listen To The Full Album At Sun Glitters Bandcamp

Order Sun Glitters Everything Could Be Fine From We Get By (Limited Edition Of 100, No Reprints)

(Note: As always, people that order the cassette will receive a digital download of the tracks as well.)

  • Track: beside me
  • Artist: Sun Glitters
  • Album: everything could be fine
  • Plays: 1279

Daily Doses: Keep Shelly In Athens “Running Out Of You” From The In Love With Dusk EP (2010)

Grecian outfit Keep Shelly In Athens has twisting up my speakers for about five months now, and each new song has confirmed them as one of my favorite new artists.

From their appearance on GvsB with the stunning “Cremona Memories” and “Fokionos Negri Street” to their more recently released "A Tear In My I", KSiA hasn’t missed a beat, delivering their own spin on balearic tinged pop with wonderful consistency.

Here, on this new track from their upcoming EP on the fantastic Forest Family Records, KSiA kills in a down-tempo number that starts out recalling Portishead’s “Wandering Star” with it’s ethereal vocals and piercing creepy high end, before breaking out into a power synth, anthem-esque outro.

As with all their tracks, the confidence and maturity exhibited by KSiA in their musical choices and directions is a beautiful thing.

Really couldn’t be stronger in my recommendation of this EP. Also, coming in a limited edition of 500, from a label that has routinely sold out their runs during the pre-order… If you want it, get it quick.

Download Keep Shelly In Athens’ “Running Out Of You”

Pre-Order Keep Shelly In Athens’ In Love With Dusk EP From Forest Family Records (Colored Vinyl, Limited Edition of 500)

(Via FFR)

  • Track: Running Out Of You
  • Artist: Keep Shelly in Athens
  • Album: In Love With Dusk
  • Plays: 593

Daily Doses: Holy Other ” Yr Love” From The We Over 7” (2010)

Having spent some time in various ghost towns through-out California, I can tell you there’s a noticeable stillness in them that goes beyond just the lack of activity.

Maybe it’s the spiderweb encrusted rusted pan sitting on a dilapidated stove in the back corner, as if it had been just moments away from use before it was instead abandoned forever. Or maybe it’s the rocking chair, long gone to waste, but somehow still standing upright, as if waiting for one final touch from a warm body before it gives up the ghost and collapses. 

Whatever it is, it gives those places the feeling of hallowed tombs. Resting places of dreams that either never came to fruition, or died too quickly.

Berlin’s Holy Other’s seems to understand that feeling perfectly, and in “Yr Love” it feels like watching someone raise one of those places back to life. First the kick drum, causing the rocking chair to slowly tip forwards, and backwards. Then as the synth kicks in, the vibrations cause the spiderwebs to start to shake off of the stove in the back corner.

Then finally the sampled voices kick in, and out of the corner of your eye you start to catch glimpses of occupancy that suddenly feels all too current.

Order Holy Other We Over 7” From Transparent Records (Limited Edition of 300)

Download Holy Other “Yr Love”


  • Track: YR LOVE
  • Artist: Holy Other
  • Album: We 7
  • Plays: 390

Daily Doses: Wintercoats “Windmill” From Cathedral (2010)

There’s a point when you’re writing a story when you’ll most likely go too far.

You’ll know when it happens. Your crisp sentences will become bloated paragraphs. Your commas will turn into semicolons. Your descriptions transform into dissertations. Until finally, when you step back, your short story has become a novel.

At this point, the only thing to do is go back over it, and start cutting back the fat. Find all the elements that don’t support or advance the specific story you’re trying to tell, and cut ‘em out. Cut without passion or mercy. Cut what you love along with what you hate. Cut in any situation that you can, merely because you can.

This is a lesson Melbourne’s Wintercoats either never had to learn, or learned before they ever released a record. At the core of their songs, Wintercoats do a brilliant job at distilling their elements into exactly what the want to communicate. Even at 6 minutes, every trill and pluck forwards the exact story they want to tell. Making each song feel as though no matter the length they ended up at, it couldn’t be any shorter without sacrificing something beautiful.

Download Wintercoats’  Cathedral EP For Free From Their Bandcamp

(Via Yvynyl)

  • Track: Windmill
  • Artist: Wintercoats
  • Album: Cathedral EP
  • Plays: 480

Daily Doses: Dawn Golden And Rosy Cross “White Sun” From The Blow EP (2010)

Stop the presses and fire up your iPods. My favorite band of anonymous miscreants, Dawn Golden And Rosy Cross, have just released their debut EP, and it blows away even my high expectations.

In their two teaser tracks released from this EP, the stunning "Blacks" and "Blow", Dawn exhibited a tendency toward heavy beats layered with keys and introspective spoke/sung lyrics of surprising depth. The four new tracks on Blow continue that trend.

"White Sun" in particular, the third song of the album, stands out. It’s a narrative discussing the changes that come with time, concentrating specifically on the death of a father and the effect that has on the family. It’s an explosively internal track, revealing the depths of the emotion mostly in the content of the lyrics. Of course, this wouldn’t work with weaker lyrics, so it’s fortunate that this album contains some of the best lyrics I’ve heard this year.

Again, I highly recommend you grab the album as breaking it down into it’s parts does it a disservice. Much like my favorite album of last year, The Antlers Hospice, it’s not that it doesn’t have singles you could latch on to and leave it at that. But the true depth and beauty that makes the album exceptional lies in it’s overall arc, and the EP as a whole. 

Buy Dawn Golden And Rosy Cross’ Blow EP From Their Bandcamp

Download Dawn Golden And Rosy Cross’ White Sun

  • Track: White Sun
  • Artist: Dawn Golden and Rosy Cross
  • Album: Blow
  • Plays: 480

Daily Doses: Baths “Nordic Laurel” From The Heart Music Group Sampler <3 (2010)

Will Wiesenfeld, otherwise known as the man behind Los Angeles’ Baths, is a musical chef.

Everyone I know that’s seem him live has talked about how he stands up there, mixing and mastering ingredients until he’s perfected the base, then adding in vocals as needed. A knob twist here, a subtly added key loop there, all towards the end of blending his ingredients, making sure they complement each other, and bring out the best in each other. All the parts blending together to create the perfect whole. 

"Nordic Laurel" is a great track for highlighting how he does this. You can easily hear the build Wiesenfeld creates as each instrument is introduced one at a time, tested, and blended to perfection. This is repeated over and over until the bed of sound is perfect, and the lyrics drift in, giving context to the track beneath, Quickly taking you beyond just how it was created, and letting you know why it was created. Filling it with the words it was built to communicate. 

This track is just one of the highlights offered on a Heart Music Group Sampler that includes stunning songs by other blog favorites Gobble Gobble, and Teen Daze along with possibly my favorite Blackbird Blackbird song yet.

Get on it!

Also if you’re in Los Angeles, don’t miss your chance to see all of the artists on this release together at the same time on Tuesday at the Heart Music Group Showcase. Details on the page linked below.

Download Heart Music Group’s Sampler For Free From Bandcamp

  • Track: Nordic Laurel
  • Artist: Baths
  • Album: <3
  • Plays: 730