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Daily Doses: Gracie x Steffaloo “Quilts” (2011)
Label: Self-Released

Los Angeles’ Steffaloo is on a mission to play with every electronic producer from this coast, to that coast and everything in between. And you’ll hear no complaints from me about it, because every track is just so good! 

Here, recalling some of last summers musical bedroom antics, New York’s Gracie combines with  Steffaloo for a single that spreads out like a sonic oil spill, soaking everything in it’s path with a layer of reverb and glistening distant vocals.

With collaborations like these, who needs a solo project?

Also, be sure to check out Steffaloo’s On Fire 7” on Jaxart.

Download Gracie x Steffaloo’s “Quilts”

  • Track: Quilts
  • Artist: Gracie x Steffaloo
  • Plays: 591

Daily Doses: Steffaloo “Fly Away” (2011)

Ahhh the simple things.

I saw Steffaloo, aka Stephanie Thompson play her first show the other night and was really impressed by the honesty, and simplicity of communication.

Don’t get me wrong, I like twisted and spit out, brain melting lyrics as much as the next guy. But on the other side of the spectrum, when a song can be broken down enough to communicate just the bare essentials of the picture, that trace drawing can be more perfect than if you spend 5 years on it with acrylic paint.

Also those second verse harmonies pretttyyyy much kill it.

So lay back, slow down, let your brain wander, and just relax into the imagery. 

Download Steffaloo’s “Fly Away”

  • Track: fly away
  • Artist: steffaloo
  • Album: songs for you
  • Plays: 300