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Daily Doses: Sun Glitters “Too Much To Lose” Sun Glitters Remix From The Too Much To Lose Single (2011)

Is that title confusing enough for you? 

In case it needs breaking down, the always brilliant Sun Glitters are releasing a single for “Too Much To Lose”, which has remixes on it. 

One of those remixes is by the man himself. A “self remix”.


As with everything Sun Glitters has released so far, including his tape on We Get By, it’s a little slice of fantastic.

Download Sun Glitters “Too Much To Lose” (Sun Glitters Remix)

  • Track: too much too loose (Sun Glitters Self Remix)
  • Artist: Sun Glitters
  • Album: too much to lose (the remixes)
  • Plays: 311

New WeGet.By Release: Sun Glitters - Everything Could Be Fine (2011)
Track: “Beside Me”

When I first listened to Sun Glitters debut release, Everything Could Be Fine, I was smitten. I lay back and played the tracks on repeat as lazy phrases and disconnected thoughts jumped through my head… Somehow time seemed to stretch and calm. Through the album I kept waiting for a time I would lose interest, I had work to do! But it just never happened, I honestly don’t think there’s a song on this record I don’t love.

I quickly messaged Victor, asking if he had any tracks available for me to promote, and he sent back "Everything Could Be Fine", which got as glowing a recommendation as these hands could write. Over the course of a few more e-mails, the idea of releasing the album as a tape through WeGetBy came up, and Victor was immediately on board.

So, I’m pleased to announce, directly on the heels of our first solo artist release with Flashing Red Lights, our second solo artist release on We Get By will be Sun Glitters beautiful debut, Everything Could Be Fine.

Having these two artists as the first two releases of this fledgling label is something I couldn’t be prouder of, and stand behind 100% as the type of quality, artistic vision, and amazing people we will continue to work with at WeGetBy. In the year to come we’ll also be expanding into vinyl releases as well as few other things, so keep an eye out at www.weget.by.

Listen To The Full Album At Sun Glitters Bandcamp

Order Sun Glitters Everything Could Be Fine From We Get By (Limited Edition Of 100, No Reprints)

(Note: As always, people that order the cassette will receive a digital download of the tracks as well.)

  • Track: beside me
  • Artist: Sun Glitters
  • Album: everything could be fine
  • Plays: 1279

Daily Doses: Sun Glitters “Everything Could Be Fine” From Everything Could Be Fine (2011)

Shift down baby, we got some slow riding to do.

I don’t say this lightly, but Everything Could Be Fine, the debut release from Luxembourg’s Sun Glitters is one of the most exciting things I’ve heard this year.

Throughout last year and into this year, exciting artists like Star Slinger, Young Montana and Gold Panda have made playful use of samples and gotten experimentally curious with elements of dub-step and other electro influences and have created some of the best jams of last year. 

With Everything Could Be Fine, Sun Glitters joins their ranks. 

Concentrating more on the “Chillwave” side of the equation, the eight tracks on Everything Could Be Fine (Starting with the stunning “Beside You” and ending with the title track, featured here) are haunting down-tempo odes to anticipation. Slowly building but never exploding, each track feels like it captures a perfect moment and stops it, capturing every angle in a timeless freeze frame. 

As with anything, slow it down enough and it must bear up to a lot more scrutiny. But the confidence in each of these tracks, as well as the release as a whole leaves it more than up to the task.

I’d recommend spending a lot of time with this one.

Download Sun Glitters “Everything Could Be Fine”

Listen to Sun Glitters Everything Could Be Fine on his bandcamp

Note: Sun Glitters is looking for a label so not all tracks are available for d/l yet.

  • Track: e v e r y t h i n g c o u l d b e f i n e
  • Artist: Sun Glitters
  • Plays: 400